as long as I'm on stage doing what I love that's enough for me - kim hyoyeon

cotton candies are my favourites because they are one of those things that don’t change. it doesn’t matter if you are a kid or a grown up man, they will always surprise you with their disarming simplicity. (kyungsoo in pink shades / my writing / cotton candies / pigments)


polite sooyoung apologizing to the journalists who waited long for them at the airport but probably couldn’t take more pictures as they went the other way ♥

bangtan’s comments on their dance practice (feat. matching pink outfits)

Princess Soojung throughout the eras (2010-2014)
Requested by: Anon

Best of l Lee Soonkyu

taoris for trendshealth magazine

V laughing at a sleepy Namjoon

yea okay maybe only taekwoon wants to drive in a straight line